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Just as our winter weather varies from year-to-year, so too does the fabulous world of fashion. Clothing colours, cuts and fabrics evolve and morph until they don’t resemble previous styles in the slightest. How do we make sense of it all especially when we want to stay stylish and warm at the same time?

Queensgate Shopping Centre have got you covered with daily style tips and practical ideas to help you welcome the new season trends into your wardrobe and your life.

Winter 2017 heralds the arrival of layering and oversize, rich shades of rust & mulberry alongside the luscious textures of leather and lace. Frills and embroidery are feminine fabulous while shine and midi bring a modern edge plus there is so much more to explore and be inspired by.

Now is the time to try something new, you just might like it!

Welcome to Autumn Winter Fashion with Queensgate Shopping Centre – your one stop for style tips, guidelines, new season trends and outfit inspiration, with the help of Stylist Sally-ann Moffat.

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Now is the time to try something new, you just might like it!


Take your style game to the next level with layering. Start with a classic white tee or white shirt and add a dress, a cami, a singlet or a slip, a cardi, sweater or jacket top it all off. It’s the modern multi-tasking trend: practical, cosy and stylish all at the same time. More


Bigger is better. The 80’s are making a comeback with larger than life silhouettes’. Jumpers, coats, pants, earrings, bags and boots are all oversize, OTT and slouchy. Get loose and get on trend. More


The midi silhouette is neither long nor short. It’s somewhere in the middle. Hence the term: Midi. Seen in skirts, pants and dresses, the midi looks right at home with ankle boots or flats and offers a fresh new perspective in volume. Feel free to tailor longer pieces shorter to make this trend work for your proportions. More


Luscious and luxurious suede and velvet are sensuous to the touch. Velvet brings an unparalleled lustrous effect to colour and a lavishly rich ethos to ones wardrobe. As a fabric this seasons suede & velvet are not as high maintenance as past incarnations. Go for high impact with a velvet jacket teamed with denim, or a suede skirt and a soft chunky knit. Velvet boots and scarves are everyday glam. More


Skin is in. Be it 100% leather or one of its synthetic substitutes: faux leather, vegan leather, pleather or PU. It doesn’t matter what you call it –there is one look that suits them all and one that fits your lifestyle. Leather is rock n’ roll fabulous for all ages. Be it in a bomber, a biker or a pair of over the knee boots. Leather is your new BFF. More

Forever New

Leaving little to the imagination, mesh, tulle and lace lead the pack this winter and bring a welcome touch of romanticism to the forefront of our minds and our wardrobes. Impractical for winter, but that what layering is for. Tulle heralds the arrival of the ballet trend, lace is tres romantic, while mesh is a futuristic athleisure take on transparency. You’ll be sure to find a sheer that works for you. More


High shine works its magic on and off the runway. Adding sparkle and shimmer everywhere it goes. Sequins, vinyl, paint effects, glitter, crystals and patent sheen keep this trend iridescent. Daytime shimmer is the new normal. More

The Folk is strong in this trend. It’s a little 70’s boho and a little 80’s punk. That is what gives this trend its modern edge. Mix it with denim, add your own embroidered patches, the more the merrier, this is about maximilisim after all. More is more. More

Forever New

So many shades of red, so little time. Red is hands down the colour of the season be it ruby, mulberry or rust. Why are you even still reading this, go and put something red on immediately. Mix up your shades, they don’t need to match, the autumnal shades of red tone together nicely. More


Khaki is reimagined with military inspired tones and shapes giving structure and strength to feminine styles. Khaki can be cool and crisp in a tailored trench or blazer, or it can be relaxed and effortless in pants or a classic ‘standard issue’ knit jersey. More


Navy really is the new black. Well, it’s the sophisticates new black. A softer shade against the face, navy is much less harsh than black. It’s also effortlessly flattering and forgiving of our little sins. What’s not to love? Navy is a team player too! It looks smashing with the entire seasons colour palette. More


Get your thrills with ruffles and frills this winter. Layers of frothy fabric cascade down a dress or a classic ruffled bell sleeve shirt is perfect for the office. This childlike trend has come of age and is ready to wear! More

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