AW17 Trends


Mastering the midi hem length takes practice and perseverance.

At first glance it will look odd. Relax because it’s not odd. It just not the norm. So grab some heels or ballet flats and buckle in because it could well become your new favourite silhouette. With the midi look proportion is key, so try tucking your button-down shirt into the waistband of your midi pants or skirt. With a midi dress, add a blazer to balance out the lengths. The midi length exposes the ankles so add some detail there: lurex or mesh socks, ankle straps or T-bar heels or loud lace-ups. Add colour or texture in hosiery on blustery days and you are done.

Keep in mind that if your midi hem doesn’t finish exactly where you want it – you can always take it to a tailor to have it adjusted to be the perfect length for your proportions. The midi hem length accentuates the waist so try tucking tops in or add a cardigan or jacket but keep the waistband exposed to emphasise the waist.

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