AW17 Trends

Ruffles and Frills

The grown-girls guide to ruffles & frills goes like this.

Team them with masculine items to downplay the fact that they remind you of the dress your 3-year-old niece just wore at her birthday party. She teamed her frills with hair bows, your going to team your frilled skirt with boots, a shirt and a waistcoat. The lady-like frills and ruffles of today are more streamlined and modern. Wear them to the office with a chic double-breasted no-nonsense suit. Frills and ruffles add volume to an outfit. Be careful where you place them. Don’t add volume where you naturally have it. On your extremities it can be lengthening. Think bell sleeves and flared pants.

Adopting a new trend should be fun & yes a little scary as trying something new always is. With frills just wear them today purely for the frill of it! Try your new frilled sweater with classic pants and boots. Ruffles are bigger and bolder this season. Even oversized! An edgy single ruffle on a top is sophisticated. Wear it with boyfriend jeans for a casual affair. Keep calm and carry on by finding the ruffle that works for you. You’ll find them on shirts, sweaters, handbags, shoes, dresses, shell tops and even in jewellery.

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