AW17 Trends

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Designers are people too, so they know to make sure that peek-a-boo sheer mesh or lace is strategically and modestly placed.

These are placed in panels on knits and tees to make this trend easy to wear and office appropriate. Sheer itself is easy, it thinking of what to wear under it that is hard.

Try a full slip, ½ slip, merino tank, camisole, tank top, nude singlet. These all take care of that all-important under-layer. Workday sheer is as easy as popping a sheer top over a button down shirt. #nothingtoseehere.

A subtle sheer accent might be the way to go instead of a full-sheer item. Sheer patches on ripped jeans or lace added to a tee are on trend and infinitely wearable. Sheer items can also be a great under layers – especially if they peek out a little. A lace cami works well under a tank top, the hint of a lace dress is elegant under a pencil skirt.

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