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Balance of Queensgate
Shopping Centre to re-open

We are pleased to advise that Queensgate Shopping Centre will reopen the balance of the Centre.

On Thursday 6th April following the completion of demolition of a portion of the carpark and its cinema complex, Queensgate Shopping Centre is reopening the balance of the Centre. The Centre, which was closed for inspection following the Kaikoura earthquake in November and partially re-opened 11 days later, will be re-clad and a ground level carpark put in the place of the current demolition site. Visitors to the Centre will also notice some changes to egress points once the Centre reopens.

Queensgate’s management company, Stride Investment Management Limited, has previously announced it will re-build the cinema complex. Details of this will be provided once planning and design work have been completed. In the meantime, this ground level parking and cladding will be a medium-term solution. “Shrink wrapping” the building to create protection from the elements will allow contractors to take their time in creating the best possible medium-term design aesthetic, with the intention being that the shrink wrap will still be in place at the time of reopening to allow this work to continue.

Retailers whose premises remained closed because of the adjacent demolition will be given a confirmed date to access their stores in the coming week. Centre management will hold an information evening for all retailers in late March to provide details of the reopening and to outline future developments at the Centre.