SS17 Trends

Polka dots

P, p, pah, polka dots - timeless old school femininity. This is a classic trend for everyone to embrace.

Polka dot power is subtle and chic. Keep your polka dots ultra-cool by wearing them with this season’s hottest colour: Yellow.

Be brave and try polka dots with another print. Florals or stripes? Maybe even other polka dots. I know – this is ground-breaking. But you can do it! Polka dots and leather bring a playful update to each other. A polka dot playsuit and a leather jacket, or a polka dots dress and leather boots. Try an unexpected combo from your wardrobe.

Beach please! No matter what the trends say a polka dot bikini is always in style at the beach. Sophisticated and ageless. Polka dots are the Dalmatians of the fashion world, beloved by everyone. Get in on this trend now before everyone else. They are going to be even more in demand next season.

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